At the same time, they increased the number of models imported from Japanese partner Mitsubishi starting in 1971: first came a smaller Colt (based on Mitsubishi's Galant line), then a revival of the Challenger ( Dodge Challenger ) in 1976 as a compact hardtop coupe with nothing more than a four-cylinder under the hood, rather than the booming V8s o… Read More

By 1914, John and Horace had designed a car of their own - the four-cylinder Dodge Model 30. Marketed as a slightly more upscale competitor to the ubiquitous Ford Model T , it pioneered or made standard many features later taken for granted: all-steel body construction (the vast majority of cars worldwide still used wood-framing under steel panels,… Read More

At Delgado prepares students for this time-oriented industry of distribution and transportation of current and future supply-chain needs of external industries. Further contributing to the success of Georgia's logistics industry are strong and active organizations, including the Technology Association of Georgia and the Center of Innovation for Log… Read More

Controlling the light while maintaining the view, create an impact with Vision; a striking new window blind for the modern home. Using an innovative, alternating transparent and coloured strips, day & night blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light coming into a room simply by extending or retracting the blind itself. The Vision Blind is an in… Read More

The Gaza Strip is the scene of a humanitarian disaster that has nothing to do with natural causes - it is entirely human-made, a direct result of official Israeli policy. Spurred by the violence of the 1987-1993 Intifada ("Uprising"), Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization signed a "Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arr… Read More